Modern: Le Prince Harry/Machines à Sous/Kükens

Saarbrücken, Deutschland

Studio 30 Saarbrücken

8:00 PM

Volker Schütz & Nika Jonsson

The first event of MODERN will definitely be Synthetic
We took this Premiere as an occasion to honor three bands dear to our ears.
Their origins and musical influences are various and multiple.
They are rooted in the past, but resolutely forward-looking.
In one word : they are MODERN

° LE PRINCE HARRY (BE-Liège ToxCity) : Le Prince Harry is a direct and incisive trio from Liège (Belgium) with post-punk, synthpunk and coldwave influences.With 77 punk and its bastard children cloned from garage and electro.LPH causes epileptic trances, beer spills, irremediable decerebration. Unleashing hordes of ear-splitting decibels on defenseless people.
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° MACHINES A SOUS (GE-Kaiserslautern) : Machines A Sous is an electronic based music project founded in 2016 by Karlos Kespohl and EL Hesky in Kaiserslautern/Germany.

While the musical framework consists of dance beats and arpeggiated synthetisers, Postpunk-embossed guitars and basses à la Chameleons, Cure or Joy Division complement the electronic direction of the set-up.
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° KÜKENS (FR-Metz) : A duo made out of drums, synth and vocals.
Punk, crazy and minimalist, Kükens are deliciously messy and outrageous.

VOLKER SCHÜTZ & NIKA JONSSON (GE – Saarbrücken) bringen uns eine kurze Performance auf einem historischen Oszilloskop. Synthetische Signale erzeugen sowohl ein bewegtes Bild als auch den Ton. Eine bizarre Mischung zwischen Kurzschluss und Lärm, gestörter Melodie und Blitzschlag.

Online Presales : 10€
Rex Rotari shop presales- Nauwieserstraße 26, 66111 Saarbrücken-DE : 10€
Doors: 12€

Venue Details

Mainzer Straße 30
66111 Saarbrücken